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  While in London you can sharpen your skills and improve your chances by taking a short course
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'Thank you students-lodging, my time in London was amazing and affordable thanks to your service'
Martin, 24, Germany

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Student lodging - Students on a budget will appreciate the North London
Students Accommodation
'where you can book without a credit card'

Your research has already paid off!
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We supply flexible short-to-mid term accommodation
in houses and flats in North London with all inclusive rent.
You can submit a booking request online
If you want to make a reservation use
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The Location
Flat Share North London

Flat Share North London
If you are not a student, and you wish to try the value and savings of a flat-share room for yourself, you can book a room also. All flats are fully equipped with rooms and studios in Central London and beyond.
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Students on a budget will appreciate the North London, Zone3 Location, with a good balance of low cost living and convince of Central London within easy reach. With easy access to 24 hour buses, the underground, nearby shops and activities including student distractions such as pubs, ten-pin bowling, gyms, cinemas through to indoor rock climbing!
   London Guide
  If it is your first time into London, why not get up to London speed with comprehensive London Guide featuring major tourist attractions, shopping and activities.
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   How much?
TravelCard (Zone 1-3) £23 pw
Internet Cafe £1 hour
Cinema Ticket (Zone3) £3.50
Milk (2 lt) .99p
Bread (loaf) .95p
   Living in London
  Read our living in London guide for how to deal with room mates and how to open a bank account in the UK.
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   Working in London
  If you are looking for work in London as a student you can read our FREE advice to help get you started in your search.
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